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About Us

As the world has entered a period of challenges created by the interplay of various environmental, economic, social and political factors, it all began with us reminding ourselves of the ancient truths that every challenge is an opportunity for development that requires the adaptation of our skills.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” (Albert Einstein),

so transformations are inevitable.

Thinking about ways to help each of us not only pass on this planet and all of it’s grace to our children from whom we all borrowed it, but also to make it a better and more sustainable place to live for future generations, we came up with the idea of ​​creating a company, whose mission would be to bring to the market innovative organic cosmetics and healthy food supplements that would naturally fit into the spectrum of everyone's daily needs, thus helping to achieve health and well-being standards in every family and life.

The range of products offered by Green SUN includes everyday products that combine natural ingredients, convenient and sustainable use, ecological packaging, selected and prooved by ourselves that would have a positive impact on our own and everyones life.

On our website, you will always find comprehensive information about the offered products, so that you can choose the most suitable ones for you.

Alveus Organic Tea Je t'aime with Creamy Strawberry Flavor 150g
from €14,90
Muldream all green mild serum skin 110ml
Sale price €25,95 Regular price €28,95 Save 10%
Born to Bio Red Fruits Shower Foam – Certified organic, 150ml
Born to Bio
Sold Out
Aniwood Wooden puzzle Lion
from €29,99
Pyunkang Yul Nutrition Cream 100ml
Pyunkang Yul
Bonbon France Saint-Ange BIO candies Violet 50g
Bonbon France
Surfing Road Organic Winter coconut candle
Surfing Road
Sale price €26,99 Regular price €29,99 Save 10%
Tibetan food supplement Daknang 108 for weight control, sleep restoration and mood improvement
from €19,00
Aleppo Gift set "VIEUX ALEP"
Maison Du Laurier
Sale price €26,99 Regular price €29,99 Save 10%