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Tibetan food suplements Daknang have an absolutely natural origin, a high digestibility (assimilation) coefficient, and are based exclusively on the formulas of Traditional Tibetan Medicine. The formulas contain from 2 to several dozen ingredients (components), the absolute majority of which are collected in the Himalayan mountains, either in the valleys or in the highlands.

Liquid plant extracts are made using INNOVATIVE, know-how technology - medicinal plants are treated with organic grain alcohol at low temperature with the help of ultrasound, this combination allows obtaining the maximum amount of nutrients and biologically active substances. The liquid form of the extracts allows our body to absorb the active ingredients in 1-4 minutes, compared to 20 minutes in the case of analogue products.

Premium rooibos tēja Alveus Je t'aime ar krēmīgu zemeņu garšu 150g
Sākot no €14,90
Muldream All Green Mild Serums Ādai, 110ml
Akcijas cena €25,95 Parastā cena €28,95 Ietaupi 10%
Born to Bio Red Fruits organiskas dušas putas 150ml
Born to Bio
Koka puzle Lauva Aniwood Puzzles
Sākot no €29,99
Pyunkang Yul Nutrition sejas krēms, 100 ml
Pyunkang Yul
BIO konfektes SAINT-ANGE 50g Vijolīte
Bonbon France